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Pioneer of Solar Water Heater

Suntech Solar Technology is the pioneer of solar energy water heaters and air source heat pump water heaters, as well as the only leader of the patented non-scaling heat exchange technology. Suntech Solar Energy manages to develop and improve constantly with complicated heating technology, which allowed us to obtain patents from countries all over the world. Additionally, we also provide customized systems in accordance with demands from customers, so that to offer solutions with higher efficiency and reliability.

After ten years of developing, Suntech Solar Technology has managed to cooperate with New Energy Center in NTU and successfully create various patented combinations of solar heating energy appliances that are applicable worldwide, which broke down the barriers that stop people living in cities and mansions from enjoying solar energy appliances, and established a monument of technologies in same industry.

Locally Manufacturing and Promoting Globally

As a professional manufacturer and service provider of the solar heating energy in Taiwan, Suntech Solar Technology Corporation has innovated strong and powerful growth through establishing firm partnerships with all clients. Meanwhile, as dealers from all over the world trust the top and unique processing technologies, innovative designs and services, as well as productivity and qualities of Suntech Solar Technology, they choose to become agents of products from Suntech.

Starting since 2011, Suntech introduced CO2 air energy heat pump water heaters from Itomic, Japan, which was a large progress in energy-saving services. In 2012, we devoted ourselves to manufacturing and developing heat pump water heaters with CO2 refrigerant compressor systems through frequent cooperation with Itomic Japan, as well as becoming the general agent worldwide (excluding Japan and Korea). At the same time, Suntech has also acquired the advantage to producing these products in Taiwan, which inspired productions of new items.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Starting from thermal systems, Suntech Solar Energy obtains the heart of contributing to the society and responsibility for the society as a corporation; meanwhile, we actively develop energy-saving programs from different aspects, and promote many environmental protecting products constantly, such as solar energy hot water stoves, air energy heat pump water heaters, solar photovoltaic tracking systems. In the future, we shall continue to improve as an energy-saving supplier of products and services in all domains.


Main Products

  • CO2 Heat pump water heater
  • Home-used heat pump water heater
  • Commercial heat pump water heater
  • Solar Vacuum Tubes Collector
  • Solar Flat Plate Collector
  • Modular solar Water Heater
  • Solar P-V Systems
  • One of joint provision contracted heat pump hot water machine suppliers of Bank of Taiwan
  • Professional project planning and constructing for hot water systems

Advantages of Main Products

  • Performance of Installation: completeness, lightweight, simplicity and safety
  • Performance of Products: High efficiency, none-scaling, affinity and electrification
  • Performance of Usages: Environmental compatibility, flexibility, water resistance and long warranty
  • Recovery of Capitals: Low-cost integration, low maintenance, and low irreplaceability

Major Market Positioning

  • Replacing Dangerous Killers: Household gas water heaters
  • Installing indoors to provide nearest and best efficiency of using in accordance with surrounding environments
  • Multiple and functional uses of heat recycling; as well as selected combination of dehumidification and temperature reduction
  • Medium and small operation with double effects of air conditioning and water heating, as to replace fuel boiler stoves and heaters
  • Cooperating with the original water heating systems flexibly, so that to become the best auxiliary heating equipment

Categories of Main Customers

  • Catering, Salons, and Hostel Owners
  • Student Dormitories and Rental Industries
  • Police Stations/ Hospitals/ Factory Staff Dormitories
  • Nursing Homes and Health Care Industries
  • Religious Gatherings and Their Permanent Dormitories
  • Public Sectors
  • Industrial Water
  • Motel Industry
  • Others

Categories of Main Consuming Individuals

  • Professors and Scholars
  • Designers, Architects, and Engineers
  • Banks, Civil Servants, Elites in Technological Industries
  • Other Individuals

Categories of Main Consuming Awareness

  • Concerns on Convenience and Safety
  • Concerns on Saving Energy and Costs
  • Environmental Consciousness Protectors
  • People Favoring New Technology and Interests
  • Users of Items with High Qualities and Economic Values
Awards and Certificates

Suntech Solar Technology obtains international quality certificates of ISO9001and ISO14001, and we are a professional manufacture of solar energy heating devices with certificates from the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs; furthermore, we are the only corporation that owns full detection test chambers and environmental control rooms among the entire industry. Our solar energy water heaters, serial heat pump water heaters, photovoltaic systems and high-brightness LED lighting are also certified by CE International, as well as automatically examined and then certified by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, M.O.E.A., which made us the first in same industry of Taiwan. Furthermore, we were also invited by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection to assist in establishing test specifications of heat pump hot water devices, which is deeply and indicatively significant. Currently, we attempt to obtain the Carbon Footprint Certificate, since we are the indicative corporation in same industry.



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