CO2 Heat Pump Water Heaters
We provided required amount of hot water in accordance with using conditions of clients; this product may function with a hot water storage tank of 4800L~6000L, and a most comfortable solution of hot water systems.
Product description

Comparison between the CO2 Heat Pump Water Heaters and traditional electric water heaters

Traditional heat pump water heaters produce hot water with refrigerant of R410 or R417; while the CO2 Heat Pump Water Heaters adopts natural CO2 (R744) to produce hot water. The highest temperature may reach 90°C, which is called Eco CUTE in Japan. Usually, the 90°C High Temperature CO2 Heat Pump Water Heaters are suitable in occasions that require enormous amount of water, such as hotels, B&Bs (bed-and-breakfast), hotel business, restaurants, factories, dormitories, gymnasiums, shopping malls and hospitals.

  • It produces high temperature hot water of 90°C without requiring a heating cycle.
  • The working environment is below 0°C, which reduces both the power consumption and costs.
  • It is 100% eco-friendly; there is not any combustion, smell, odor, and it will not explode.
  • It comes from the Japanese brand Itomic; while Taiwan is the agency.

Advantages of the CO2 Heat Pump Water Heaters:

  1. Averaged Power Loads: Commercial CO2 Heat Pump Water Heaters adopt the peak power, which controls the use of peak electricity during daytime to practice averaging with full efforts.
  2. Efficiency of Energy: It absorbs the heat in air to make effective use of it, and realizes high consumption of power (COP).
  3. Safety to Environments: When calculating and comparing the discharge of carbon dioxide of a CO2 Heat Pump Water Heater and a gas water heater with the same heating capacity, the discharged amount of the former is 51% reduced; furthermore, when comparing with the inflammation of fuel, 60% is reduced.
  4. Economic Benefits: As the product contains high COP, and adopts peak power to reduce the cost of electricity, it may drastically decrease the working costs when comparing with other water heaters.
  5. Innovation and Creativity: Since it does not require combustion and is definitely secure, and does not contain smoke or CO2 discharge, it is different from other water heaters; furthermore, it does not pollute the air, and is thus a safe and clean appliance.
Product specifications
Items Unit Model
Surrounding Temperature DB25℃/WB21℃
Power Efficient Large Power RATE
Thermal Storage Heating Capacity at Room Temperature Kw‧h/8.9h 445 640.8
Heat Storage(8.9h) L 5802.8 8348.2
Heat Source Heating Capacity Kw.h 50 72
Heat Storage Capacity L/h 652 938
Water Temperature (Supplying→ Heating)/th>℃24→90
Electrical Characteristics Power Consumption Kw 14 22.5
Types of Power V Three-phase 380V 50Hz 60Hz
Size(WxDxH) mm 1790x1010x1990
Weight Kg 680
COP   3.6 3.2




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